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Reclaim Your Weekend Ad

Given the task of creating an advertising video for the company or idea of our choice, we decided to make Sydney more attractive to the type of people that envy the Melbourne lifestyle.

October 2013

720p HD video

NUTS Presents: The Producers

For the NUTS 2013 major production of the "The Producers," I created the designs and images for promotional material including web site, posters, programs, cast photos social media graphics.

June - August 2013

Web site, Poster, Program, Social Media Graphics, Cast Photos
Web Design, Graphic

Science Research Expo Interviews

The UNSW Science Faculty wanted a series of three short and fun interviews with some of their research students as a promotion for their Research Expo in August.

August 2013

HD videos

Let's Ride

A documentary about a group of 'fixie' bike riders, focussing on what a fixie bike is, and why they think riding without breaks is an amazingly great idea.

April 2013

Documentary (1080p HD video)
Videography, Sound

Animation For commissioned an animation to explain their corporate health and wellbeing platform to new and potential clients. I animated pre-existing art and created new graphics in the same style. The platform is to be launched in 2013.

November 2012

Flash Animation converted to 720p video
Animation, Voice Over

The Man With The Golden Pun - New College Revue 2011

A performance of the New College Revue 2011 presented online with chapter markings that interact with the YouTube player. This is the 'DVD' that is distributed after the performance to residents of the College

April 2013

720p HD video, HTML/CSS/JS
Web Design, Video Editing - 60D/Lonely

Test driving my camera in one of the most densely populated areas in the world, but I had no one to share it with. Completed in one day and edited entirely at Apple Store Fifth Avenue in New York.

February 2013

720p HD video
Videography, Video Editing

Portrait Of Elise

Elise gets carried away just describing what it is like for her to play the piano. I hoped to capture that feeling in this photograph. This involved setting up the shot and editing in Photoshop for digital submission.

March 2012

Photography, Image Editing


The task was to create a completely new person using a combination of myself and another classmate. Using Photoshop we needed to create a realistic looking person that looks familiar but isn't anyone recognisable.

August 2012

Image Editing

At The Edge

There is no where else in the world to send mail anymore, the post box sits here to comfort the last people into a false sense of normality. Put together using photos from around Sydney in Photoshop to create an alternate reality, a virtual world.

October 2012

Photography, Image Editing

I Don't Know

My experimental portfolio while studying computer science and digital media. It contains some of the work from this portfolio and extra bits and pieces that I have created.

2012 - Present

Portfolio in HTML/CSS/JS
Web Design


A collection of different people all knowingly ride a train to their End and yet they are too apathetic to do anything about it. They are aware of someone watching them and they only care that this Observer stops judging them.

November 2012

Stereo audio track (set to public domain video)
Sound Design